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Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd. in Scrap China -- Recycling Industry Directory
Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd. in Scrap China

Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.
Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.
The business of Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd involved is both import and export, specializing in paper. pulp, plastics, metals relating to light industries, textiles, garments, food, native products, oils and cereals, chemicals. machines, equipments and other lines, and adopts the flexible operation by General Trade, Processing Trade, Assembling Trade, Compensation Trade with the clents with a lot of countries all over the world, and also keeps steady connections with the hundreds of domestic clients in the North of China while enjoys our fine business reputation.

Tianjin Chinapack Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.
Tianjin Tianjin

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