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Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers Equipment Directory -- Scrap China
Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers Equipment Directory

Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers
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The Recycling & Waste Equipment Directory contains a list of the companies which manufacture (OEM) and/or sell new equipment and companies involved in the sales and service of used equipment. The Directory also includes companies that provide industry related products and services. The Directory is organized by Equipment Type / or Service Name and by Company Name (listed alphabetically).

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Equipment Type: Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers
Directory Listings (1 - 28) of 28 for Plastic Extruders, Pelletizers

* Beijing Prina Chemical Co. Ltd
* Boretech Co., Ltd.
* Chasemachinery Ltd
* Chengdu City Purui Polymer Engineering Co,.ltd
* China TSZF Plastic Machinery
* Dongguan Hexing Decorative Material Co., Ltd.
* Guangzhou Raytech Instrument Co., Ltd.
* Hasswell Technologies Co., Ltd
* Kecheng Machinery
* Plastic Automation Equipment
* Qingdao Eenor Rubber Machinery Co.,ltd
* Qingdao Gangzheng Rubber Plastic Machinery Company Limited
* Qingdao Jinfule Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd
* Qingdao Realone Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd.
* Qingdao SPEC Plastic Machinery Company Limited
* Qingdao Shansu Extrusion Equipment Company Limited
* Qingdao Zhenxiong Mechanical Equipment Company Limited
* Ruian Xintai Printing Machinery Company Limited
* Shanghai Jwell Machinery Company Limited
* Shenzhen Hypet Plastic Equipment Technology Company Limited
* Taizhou Changda Machine Factory
* Tongjia Machinery
* Xinxiang Huayin Renewable Energy Equipment Co. Ltd
* Yantai Eelectrosatic Powder Equipment Company Limited
* Zhangjiagang City Beier Machinery Company Limited
* Zhangjiagang Haibin Machinery Co., Ltd
* Zhangjiagang Lanhang Machinery Company Limited
* Zhangjiagang Lianda Machinery Company Limited
* Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

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