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Allance Copper Recycling Machinery in Scrap China -- Equipment Directory
Allance Copper Recycling Machinery in Scrap China

Allance Copper Recycling Machinery
Allance Copper Recycling Machinery
With rich experience and professional attitude, Allance's copper recycling machine is being accepted by more and more customers worldwide.  Allance copper cable granulator has four models which meet different productivity requirements. Wire stripping machine has five models which is suitable for personal use or recycling center. AC radiator recycling machine is our latest machine for recycling AC radiator. AC radiator is one of the most valuable recycling material, using this machine can further save time and cost in recycling it, thus getting more profit. Among them,  copper wire granulator X400 is very suitable for small business because of its small body and low cost. Not only our cable granulator is good, but also we provide you considerate after-sale service.

Allance Copper Recycling Machinery
Zhenghzhou Henan

Contact : Jessica Brown
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