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Reverse Logistics Associaton in Scrap China -- Associations Directory
Reverse Logistics Associaton in Scrap China

Reverse Logistics Associaton
Reverse Logistics Associaton

We are a trade association focused on Third Party Service Providers to whom OEMs, ODMs, Branded and Retail companies outsource. The Reverse Logistics Association monitors thousands of 3PSPs worldwide who are providing Aftermarket Supply Chain services, while supporting the outsourcing needs of OEM, ODM, Branded and Retail companies.

Today we support the following industries: High Tech/IT, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Aviation, Medical/Pharmaceutical, Publishing, Apparel along with Food & Beverage. We monitor the RL process in Consumer Returns, Product Recalls and Service Logistics.

Reverse Logistics Associaton
Alpharetta Georgia

Contact : Event Co-Ordinator
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